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Hugo Boss Ma Vie Intense for Women

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Intense for Women

Rp‎ 600,000

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Intense (Women, edp 75ml)


Boss Ma Vie Intense Perfume by Hugo Boss, Boss Ma Vie Intense is a feminine and woody perfume by Hugo Boss . Released in 2016, this women’s fragrance celebrates the inner strength, unique character and beautiful confidence of the modern woman. The perfume collection’s signature top note of cactus blossom invites an earthy and floral accord of cedar and rose. This passionate fragrance offers a stronger take on the familiar Ma Vie Pour Femme from 2014, and aims to emphasize the happy and quiet little moments of life. 

Founded in 1924, Hugo Boss is a German fashion house that also specializes in accessories and fragrances. The brand mainly focuses on the influences of European lifestyles and culture, but offers a variety of men’s clothing styles including athletic wear, classic, high-end and bohemian. While the fashion house’s clothing is generally geared towards men, fragrances have been made alongside Proctor & Gamble Prestige for both men and women to enjoy since 1985. 

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