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Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish

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Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish (Women, edt 75ml)

Anna Sui launches her new fragrance Fairy Dance Secret Wish in February 2012.
It is poured in a beautiful flacon with a fairy on its stopper.
This graceful fairy is ready to dance, carefree and full of joy.
The world of imagination will take you to a heavenly garden filled with roses and dancing little fairies.
Light and luminous atmosphere and pastel colors of packages announce floral-fruity notes of the new composition.
Fairy Dance Secret Wish is constructed as floral-fruity fragrance transmitting afternoon atmosphere from a garden full of roses.
Warm rays of sun warm the skin and spread rich aromas of rose, as well as sweet and carefree fruity essences through the air.
Playfulness and joy are announced by raspberry, mango and pink pepper.
A heart announces intense rose flowers supported with peony and bamboo.
Base notes have unique charm and warmth of sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver.



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