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Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel for Women

Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel for Women

Rp‎ 900,000

Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel (Women, edp 100)


Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Rules are for those who lack imagination. This scent was created by expert perfumers with decades of experience creating the world’s most sensuous fragrances. This time they threw the old rules out the window to create a unique scent for women who meet the world on their own terms.

Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel is the edgy younger sister of Victoria’s Secret Tease fragrance; not content to follow in another’s footsteps, it creates itsown path with top notes of pungent wild rose in crass conflict with two different violets – sophisticated and mature essence of violet flowers and the bright metallic scent of violent leaves. The earthy, animalistic smell of white leather binds the top and heart notes in a messy urban bouquet. The suede of the white leather also ties up the base of soft musk.

This is a scent that comes on strong and leaves an unforgettable impression, for those who believe that beauty is best found in the most unconventional ways

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