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Guess Seductive Homme 50ml Blue (Tester)

Guess Seductive Homme 50ml Blue (Tester)

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Rp‎ 200,000

Guess Seductive Homme Blue (Men, edt 50ml)


Guess is expanding its Guess Seductive line of fragrances with the new release Guess Seductive Homme Blue.
This is the second men's fragrance of the collection, following last year's Guess Seductive Homme. The fragrance is refreshing, airy and sensual.
A man for whom Guess Seductive Homme Blue is intended for is described with the following attributes: legendary, irresistible, bold and sexy.
The fragrance draws inspiration from the depths of the sea, enriched with spices and woody tones. It is developed by perfumer Guillaume Flavigny.
The top notes are citrus caviar, cardamom and black pepper.
The heart includes Blue Coral AquaSpace accord and geranium,
followed by the base of cashmere wood, moss and Rippled Sand accord.



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