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Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy (Tester)

Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy (Tester)

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Rp‎ 500,000

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Tester (woman, edt 75ml)



Anna Sui has added another transparent bottle, this time very elegant, 
to her collection of unusual and very distinctly romantic perfume bottles. 
The eye catching detail of this bottle is the top which symbolizes the time when a girl becomes a woman, 
and just like a peacock, proudly displaying her beauty, 
walking towards the chances that open before her, while, with her eyes wide open, 
she observes the world around her. 
The bottle is made of crystal, transparent with straight square lines 
and the top in a form of a peacock with fully displayed beautiful tail. 
The iridescent colors of the bottle are graciously changing from purple to soft peach color. 
Top notes : tangerine, yuzu (Japanese citron) and lychee 
Middle notes : rose blossom, star magnolia, purple rain freesia 
Base notes : musk, white wood accord and benzoin resin.



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